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CGM: Trust Your Power

Forty years of Generating Sets of Italian power.

In 2001 the generating sets’ producer Company established in the headquarter that will be the current one.
Starting with a distribution limited to the surrounding areas of the province of Vicenza, the quality of a generating set completely designed and produced in Italy is rewarded with requests from other Regions of the Peninsula, and then it expands to the Countries around the World.
CGM has more than 50 certified distributors who operate in strategic points to ensure professionalism, timely deliveries and constant assistance.

The important milestones of CGM


Birth of the Company.


Opening of the first owned headquarter in Arzignano.


Start of the internal design at the Company.


Extension of the range up to 2000 Kva.


the Company establishes in the current headquarter.


CGM receives ISO 9001:2008 Certification


Stefano, the son of Giorgio, starts his father’s business as Sales Manager.


The production process begins to be completely carried out in the company through 3D design and the installation of internal carpentry.


Thanks to the new logo there is an integration of several new ranges of diesel and gasoline Generating Sets is intended for the market all over the world.

Giorgio Chilese


Stefano Chilese

Managing Director


trust, power, safety, life, charge, strenghth, dinamicity, reliability

The word Trust displays in a strong and definitive way. At a first impact, it may appear an exclamation, imposed by the power of a reality where energy reigns, but at the same time it will be a suggestion.

It’s important to believe it!

C.G.M. has always belevied in its potential and the exhortation to trust in its own power it’s what the Company reality wants to infuse. It’s our desire to communicate self-confidence and reliability with that determination that translates into attention to the future and innovation.

This is the character of the Company: the character of CGM.

The certainty of a precise and quick service:
logistics, Production and Personalization of the generating sets.

  • Prompt deliveries;
  • flexible logistics: the largest number of generators in the smallest possibile place;
  • efficient and careful shipping service;
  • customized solutions;
  • in-house carpentry;
  • after-sales service to support each costumer;
  • spare parts available in 24/48 hours from the order.

After-sales assistance.

CGM does not leave You alone!

We boast technicians that have a continuous and professional training, simplicity in communications and speed to order the spare parts.

We operate thanks to the remote control of the device that has got problems, in order to guarantee short intervention times.

generating set CGM

Future projects.

  • Additional 5000 sqmt of indoor area for the stock of materials.
  • Continuous R&D investments.
  • New area for the generating sets’ test.
  • Increasing of 30% new human resources.
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