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Generating sets for rental market


A selection of generating sets that complies with the rental market requests. Rental generators range from 10 to 200 kVA with technical specifics adaptable to customer’s needs. They are high quality generating sets, with robust and long-lasting components, they have great adaptability to use circumstances.

The generating sets for rental develop in 4 models of different dimensions, equipped with the best engines available on the market and they are suitable for being equipped with engines having emission levels classified as STAGE IIIa and STAGE V. The proposal of CGM rental generating sets is a machinery rich of reliable solutions and they are easy to use, meeting the requests of the most demanding customer.

Generating sets for rental

Strenghth points

kit attacchi rapidi

Quick and safe coupling kit for connecting to an external fuel tank.

Valvola a tre vie

Three-way valve inside the canopy for selecting the tank to be used (in-built or external).


Battery switch to quickly disconnect the battery during maintenance and storage phases.

Basamento in acciaio
  • High-strength, steel base frame for heavy-duty workig conditions and maximum protection of internal parts and soundproofed canopy;
  • Forklift lifting guides on all four sides;
  • Four reinforced hooks and sled design of the support feet allow the dragging of the machine on the ground.
Golfare centrale di sollevamento

Central, revolving, lifting hook. It eliminates the risk of unscrewing of the lifting hook during lifting operations in the event of a rotation of the suspended load.

Porta lato motore

Larger engine door to facilitate inspection and maintenance operations.

Kit distribuzione di potenza
  • Power distribution kit consisting of n.6 EEC sockets, for maximum flexibility of connection;
  • N.4 4 and/or 5 poles three-phase sockets and n.2 3 poles single-phase sockets;
  • Magnetothermic and differential protection on all sockets;
  • Connector for Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS-I, not included) to convert operation from manual to automatic.
Serbatoio maggiorato
  • In-built, steel made, fuel tank made with containment basin;
  • Minimum guaranteed autonomy of 12 hours;
  • Mechanical type floater for visual fuel level monitoring and electrical type floater for remote fuel level monitoring from the control panel or electronic control unit;
  • The fuel tank along with the containment basin can be extracted from the base frame in order to ease the cleaning operations.
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